One-on-One with Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Indrajeet Singh Kumar.

Airtel Uganda, the Smartphone network recently introduced affordable international calling bundles to help its subscribers to keep in-touch with families staying abroad, traders, and businessmen to communicate on cheap rates.

We did have a one on one with Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Indrajeet Singh Kumar and this is what he had to say about the International Calling Bundles.

Hello Indrajeet, so what good news does Airtel Uganda bring for us today?

Today, I am here with some good news, especially for people with family staying abroad, traders and businessmen. No more disconnected calls because Airtel Uganda International calls just got cheaper thanks to our international calling bundles.

That’s good news. So what does Airtel hope to achieve from this?

International calling in Uganda has always been perceived as expensive in the minds of the customer. We at Airtel Uganda have developed bundles that are cheaper than the standard call rates with an intention of fulfilling our promise to Ugandans; which is providing affordable and reliable telecommunications solutions.

So, who is eligible for this?

This is not a promotion. Therefore, all our subscribers can enjoy the best international calling rates.

Tell us about some of these bundles.

We have 5 different calling bundles.

Our very first bundle is for those who want to make calls in East Africa; that is Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan. For as low as 2,800/= you can get to talk for ten minutes valid for one day and for 15,000/=, you get 60 minutes valid for 7 days.

For our second bundle, subscribers receive 60 minutes to call USA and China for as low as 7,500/= valid for 7 days. Additionally, for 11,500/= subscribers receive 60 minutes and 30 minutes to call India and Nigeria respectively – all valid for 7 days.

Our third bundle is for customers who want to call USA and Asia. The countries in this bundle are USA, Canada, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Hongkong. For 5,000/= subscribers receive 25 minutes valid for 7 days to call those countries. For 10,000/= subscribers will receive 55 minutes and for 20,000/= subscribers will receive 133 minutes valid for 30 days for both bundles.

In our fourth bundle, subscribers will receive 20 minutes valid for 7 days to call United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Pakistan, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Greece, Australia, Finland, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Finally, for our fifth bundle, subscribers will receive 15 minutes of talk time valid for 7 days to call Nigeria, Mauritius and Namibia.

I think that is clear. So what is the charge for registering onto this service?

As I said, this service is for all Airtel Uganda subscribers. There is no charge. All you have to do is dial *146# or *100# and subscribe to an international bundle of your choice.

Do you have any other information you wish to share with our listeners?

Yes. I would like to encourage all Airtel subscribers and those who want to join the smartphone network to take advantage of these bundles to call their families, business partners and friends living anywhere across the globe.

Thank you


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