Milkman Teaches Children about Environmental Conservation.

This weekend, parents and children who attended the Go Green festival got a chance to learn about environmental conservation and participate in a free recycling workshop courtesy of VTD dairy’s MilkMan yoghurt – the main sponsor of the 2016 Christmas Green Festival.

The recycling workshop, into which kids were admitted free of charge every round hour simply by presenting an empty MilkMan can, saw them make many awesome items such as spy masks, awesome shakers, cool hats and crowns as well as fancy hair bands from their MilkMan yoghurt cups.


Held annually since 2012, the Go Green festival, which attracts over 10,000 children, is aimed at enlightening the children on the values of conserving our environment through fun engaging activities. Last year, various exhibitors came on board to engage the children in more exciting ways on how to conserve the environment.

Speaking on behalf of MilkMan, Ms. Noa Hameiri, the Chief Marketing Officer, expressed excitement at the opportunity to directly engage children and teach them about environmental sustainability – something MilkMan is very passionate about.

“MilkMan and Go Green share the same eco-friendly agenda and that is the reason as to why we decided to take part in the festival, teaching the younger generation why and how they should conserve the environment and the benefits to their future and the future of the next generation,” she commented.


Hameiri also explained that sustainable environmental conservation and social development are some of MilkMan’s key concerns.

“At our factory in Rushere, we have put in place a state-of-art waste water treatment facility in order to ensure that our operations will not harm the environment,” she stated, adding that MilkMan supports the local community by purchasing all the milk from the farmers in the region thus offering them and their families a stable source of income.

In addition to the recycling tent, Milkman also had 4 points of sale throughout the day where everyone at the festival had an opportunity to purchase all the flavors of MilkMan yoghurt at UGX1,500 for the individual size and UGX3,000 for the family size.


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