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December 2016

Photos: An Alikiba affair at Blankets and Wine Kampala.

The 15th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala lived up to its billing as it had been promised. The event that took place on Sunday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval has absolutely cemented itself as the must attend event on Uganda’s social calendar.


From the lineup of artistes, the festivities, the guest list, to the fashion sense; everything seems to naturally fall in place. Multi-instrumentalist Giovanni Kiyingi, The Mith, Jemimah Sanyu, DJ Naselow and Alikiba from Tanzania were the headline acts.

Prior to the event, Alex Tusingwire, the Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager and its partners House of Deejays, were coming together to give consumers a refreshing, fun-filled end of year experience.


“This time as is the norm, we have a vastly talented artiste line up performing. Simply put, it is a unique cocktail of musical genres; with a perfect blend of fresh afro-fusion and familiar world music. These acts will give us a perfect ending to the year,” he said.


On a bright Sunday afternoon on December 18, 2016, the Kololo Cricket Oval was the place to be. By midday, queues were already building up as revelers, with their picnic bags in tow made their way to the venue.


The performances were kicked off by Jemimah Sanyu who sang many of her songs off her ‘Amaaso go googera’ album.

Not only did Giovanni Kiyingi impress with the smooth sounds from his many instruments, he also showed vocal prowess. He sang some of the songs from his latest album as well as some from his highly anticipated album. By the time Hip hop artist, The Mith took to the stage, the crowd was on their feet. The rapper made his performance interactive as his band backed him up.


The day’s deejays, FEM DJ who kept the crowd entertained and dancing in between acts, and DJ Naselow who kept them dancing even after Alikiba’s performance were a thrilling addition to the lineup.


The headlining act, “Alikiba” famous for his songs like; “Mwana” “Aje” “Chekecha cheketua” showed just how much afro music is loved.


When he finally kicked off his performance, it was a case of ‘who could jump highest, who would bend lowest and who would shake best.’ The artist who also loves to dance, played songs like “Cinderella”, “Nakshi Nakshi” “Usiniseme” “Dushelele” “Single Boy” which brought out some insane dance strokes from revelers.

“This year we wanted to bring in a new musical experience to the Blankets and Wine event. Alikiba, whose is loved and danced to, is dominating international airwaves, was the perfect choice. For Tusker Malt Lager, this is our way of showing our appreciation to our consumers by giving them the best.” said Alex Tusingwire Tusker Malt Lager’s Brand Manager.


A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is proudly sponsored by Tusker Malt Lager alongside other partners. Tusker Malt Lager is 100% Malt and 100% African and aims at giving consumers a premium experience by showcasing our very own African Talent and LIVE performances by a wide array of artists.


In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.

Milkman Teaches Children about Environmental Conservation.

This weekend, parents and children who attended the Go Green festival got a chance to learn about environmental conservation and participate in a free recycling workshop courtesy of VTD dairy’s MilkMan yoghurt – the main sponsor of the 2016 Christmas Green Festival.

The recycling workshop, into which kids were admitted free of charge every round hour simply by presenting an empty MilkMan can, saw them make many awesome items such as spy masks, awesome shakers, cool hats and crowns as well as fancy hair bands from their MilkMan yoghurt cups.


Held annually since 2012, the Go Green festival, which attracts over 10,000 children, is aimed at enlightening the children on the values of conserving our environment through fun engaging activities. Last year, various exhibitors came on board to engage the children in more exciting ways on how to conserve the environment.

Speaking on behalf of MilkMan, Ms. Noa Hameiri, the Chief Marketing Officer, expressed excitement at the opportunity to directly engage children and teach them about environmental sustainability – something MilkMan is very passionate about.

“MilkMan and Go Green share the same eco-friendly agenda and that is the reason as to why we decided to take part in the festival, teaching the younger generation why and how they should conserve the environment and the benefits to their future and the future of the next generation,” she commented.


Hameiri also explained that sustainable environmental conservation and social development are some of MilkMan’s key concerns.

“At our factory in Rushere, we have put in place a state-of-art waste water treatment facility in order to ensure that our operations will not harm the environment,” she stated, adding that MilkMan supports the local community by purchasing all the milk from the farmers in the region thus offering them and their families a stable source of income.

In addition to the recycling tent, Milkman also had 4 points of sale throughout the day where everyone at the festival had an opportunity to purchase all the flavors of MilkMan yoghurt at UGX1,500 for the individual size and UGX3,000 for the family size.

Catching up with Giovanni Kiyingi ahead of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Celebrated folk singer-songwriter and Afro-fusion multi-instrumentalist, Giovanni Kiyingi, will be returning for the 15th Edition of Blankets and Wine that will take place at Lugogo Cricket Oval this Sunday the 18th December.

Considered to be the biggest quarterly event on Uganda’s social calendar, the Tusker Malt Lager sponsored event and organised by House of Deejays, will be playing host to some of Uganda’s top socialites as well as consumers of Tusker Malt as they’re entertained by a variety of artists headlined by Africa’s number one artist, Tanzania’s Alikiba.


In an effort to deliver on their promise of 100% awesome musical experiences, and due to public demand, Tusker Malt Lager and House of Deejays will be bringing back Giovanni Kiyingi for the 15th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Giovanni who performed at the previous edition was a crowd favorite and will be returning to showcase his talent come this Sunday.  We caught up with the ‘Amakondeere’ star who hopes to be the face of East Africa’s world music genre in five years and asked him a few questions ahead of this week’s event.

Qn: What inspired Giovanni to start singing and playing all the various instruments?

As I was growing up, the church choir inspired me. My music journey started in Kiboga deep in the village called Vumba parish. I used go to church early in the morning and get a front row chair to enjoy the church choir which played music with traditional instruments.

Qn: What would you describe your music as?

My music is a fusion of my Ugandan roots and the influence of the worlds’ music.

Qn: What inspired your ‘Amakondeere’ album?

My Amakondeere album was inspired by the sound I wanted to put out and also many other various rhythm patterns.

Qn: What are some of your most memorable stage performances?

The one that stands out is when I performed for the Pope in 2015 at Kololo Airstrip Grounds with a full band on the song themed “New Day”. Then this year, I shared a stage with Michael kiwanuka at a festival in Belgium.

Qn: Are there any particular Ugandan artists you would wish to work with?

Yes there are quite a number of them. Cindy, Irene Ntale, Maurice Kirya, Sammy Kasule, Julian Kanyomozi, Irene Namubiru.

Qn: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while performing on stage?

This one time, I did sound checking on stage and I was ready to play. On coming back to the stage, my guitar could not sound. I had left my battery running.

Qn: Are there any projects in the works that we should look out for?

Yes. The official Amakondeere release will be happening real soon and I plan to release two new albums “Mkatiko W’afirika” and “Kitengejja”.

Qn: What advice would you give to a young upcoming artist? 

Hard working is the song everywhere I go. But for upcoming artists in Uganda and East Africa, I would say we need to look into identity in sound now. How different you sound opens new markets all over because always the world is looking for something new! And East Africa’s sound is still virgin to the world.

Qn: What memories do you hold from your debut Blankets and Wine performance?

My debut at Blankets and Wine was rather interesting and fun. I remember I performed when it was raining and the stage had some water on it. But the highlight is how my friends and revelers kept on dancing in the rain. Even though it was raining, the sound was good and we just had fun.

Qn: This will be your second performance at Blankets and Wine Kampala. What should people expect from you?

People should come and we have a good time and continue from where we stopped the other time. With me it is a groove throughout the concert. Don’t miss it. Let us end the year with a bang!!!


A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is East Africa’s premier music experience, designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genres of afro-based music.

Entrance fee is 100,000 UGX at the Lugogo Cricket Oval and gates open at 12:00pm on 18th December 2016.

Revelers can buy early bird tickets by dialing *252# on MTN mobile money or at Definition stores at acacia mall, Garden city,  Uganda Wines & Spirits, Kanyana’s Bakery in Kiwatule, PayWay outlets & House of DJs Office in Bugolobi.

In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.

Sports journalists take first crack at Airtel “Tulumbe AFCON” Campaign.

Last Friday, sports journalists and bloggers walked home with lots of exciting gifts when telecommunications giant Airtel Uganda gave them an opportunity to participate in the on-going Tulumbe AFCON campaign.

In order to be part of the winning frenzy, the sports reporters were required to subscribe to the recently launched campaign and hit their targets throughout the week.


Michael Nsubuga, a photographer at New Vision, Adrian Mwesigwa a writer at Mushroom Inc. and Ismail Kezaala, a photographer from Daily Monitor won themselves brand new LG flat screen televisions whereas 10 journalists walked away with brand new smart phones.

Airtel Uganda Head of Usage and Retention Ms. Nellie Mwandha, who handed over the first TV screen, congratulated the journalists upon their winning and encouraged them to continue hitting their targets in order to stand a chance to watch the opening AFCON game in Gabon.

“There is a lot more to win during this festive season. All our subscribers have to do is to opt in by dialing *162#, see their target and then recharge and meet these targets,” she said.


To take part in the on-going campaign, Airtel Uganda subscribers will have to opt in by dialing *162#. This will allow them to know their target. They will then be required to recharge and meet their individual target. Upon reaching the targets, subscribers will receive 100% bonus, which, on accumulation, will be rewarded to them as airtime to be used for voice (prepaid), data and SMS.”

Draws to reward the lucky winners will be held every Friday; from Friday 9th December 2016 to Friday 13th January 2017. Winners will be contacted by Airtel Uganda via 0752-600-222.

Tusker Malt Lager Keeps it 100 with The Mith for the 15th Edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Renown Ugandan Hip hop star, The Mith, will be one of the headlining acts of the upcoming Blankets and Wine Kampala that is slated for the 18th December at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Under the stewardship of House of Deejays, Tusker Malt Lager has continuously given its consumers 100% original African Talent through Blankets and Wine. For the 15th edition, we shall have Africa’s number one artist, Alikiba, who will be joined by The Mith, Jemimah Sanyu, Giovanni Kinying and DJ Naselow.


We caught up with The Mith ahead of the last Blankets and Wine Kampala on Uganda’s 2016 social calendar.

Tom Mayanja aka The Mith aka Mr. So UG, also a member of Hip hop group Klear Kut, is one of the ‘fathers’ of the Hip hop music industry in Uganda. Having been on the music scene for close to twenty years, it is safe to say that The Mith has helped shape the music industry in Uganda, especially the Hip hop genre.

With already two albums to his name; “Destination Africa” and “The Week of September”, The Mith is working on new projects that will include his third album and a collaborative EP.

The Mith who believes that there is no ‘perfect song’, says he draws his inspiration from conversations with different people, driving around and generally being observant.

On whether he had any particular Ugandan artists that he wished to work with, The Mith said; Collaborations are key to staying relevant. So, yes, there are some artists I would love to work with. Sandra Suubi, Michael Kitanda and others out of my genre I am paying attention to, because I do like the music they have been putting out.

On being asked to describe the Hip hop scene in Uganda, he said; The Hip hop scene in Uganda is vibrant, exciting and progressive. One could say that the scene is ‘Lit’.

The Mith who came to the scene with Klear Kut, the group that had the first Ugandan video air on MTV, said that they have never left the scene as group members still make music. In fact, the group has a project in the works.

On his five year plan, The Mith says; married. Ha!!! Seriously though, there are plans we will unveil real soon, that will put me on the five year plan that we have set up, and y’all will know then.

Speaking on The Mith’s upcoming act, Tusker Brand Manager, Alex Tusingwire said; “We know he has an excellent ability to entertain and we look forward to his performance come Sunday, 18th December.”

Tusker Malt Lager continues to appreciate its consumers and thus gives them an opportunity to discover some of the finest afro-based musical acts through Blankets and Wine.


A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is East Africa’s premier music experience, designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genres of afro-based music.

Entrance fee is 100,000 UGX at the Lugogo Cricket Oval and gates open at 12:00pm on 18th December 2016.

Revelers can buy early bird tickets by dialing *252# on MTN mobile money or at Definition stores at acacia mall, Garden city,  Uganda Wines & Spirits, Kanyana’s Bakery in Kiwatule, PayWay outlets & House of DJs Office in Bugolobi.

In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.

Airtel Uganda Spreads Christmas Cheer.


For the second year consecutive/running, telecommunications’ giant Airtel Uganda has announced a campaign to share the joy of Christmas with communities and to bring hope to individuals, families and organizations that are doing the great work of restoring hope in the lives of others in the community.

Dubbed ‘12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS’, the campaign was conceptualized in December 2015 and named after popular Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Once again, staff members nominated and submitted their nominations to the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Mrs. Charity Bukenya, who worked with a cross functional team to select the 12 projects that were communicated to the staff members.

Organizations such as Bright Kids Uganda in Entebbe, Bugiri & Kumi Hospitals, MADEFO Home of the Elderly and individuals such as  Kyomuhendo Hellen a patient awaiting a liver transplant were the first beneficiaries of this campaign.

Commenting about this campaign, Mr. Anwar Soussa, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director, thanked all his staff and directors for their participation in this campaign.

“During this time of offering “thanks”, it is prudent for us to reach out to the organizations and individuals who have not only supported us throughout the year, but have also supported different people in different communities giving them hope for a great future and a helping hand during the season of giving.

“This campaign offers Airtel Uganda staff members an opportunity to contribute to and show their gratitude and appreciation to the communities in which they live and work,” Soussa added.

Last year, Airtel Uganda staff members chose 12 community projects that are transforming the lives of people; young and old with meager resources and went on to share the Red Airtel Christmas with them. Organizations such as Cherish Uganda in Entebbe, Natasha Nutrition Center in Mbarara Hospital, Kawempe Home Care in Kanyanya as well as individuals such as Aunt Robinah who takes care of children of prisoners on Salama road and Immaculate – a kidney transplant patient benefitted from this campaign.

DJ Naselow to debut at the 15th Edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

As we gear up for the fifteenth edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala, that is set to take place at its new home – Lugogo Cricket Oval on the 18th December, we take a look at the lineup of acts that will be performing.

The main act of this edition’s Blankets and Wine Kampala will be Alikiba alongside HipHop boss The Mith, rising star and ‘stage gladiator’ – Jemimah Sanyu, Afro-fusion multi-instrumentalist –  Giovanni Kiyingi and celebrated ‘crowd mover’ deejay DJ Naselow.


The Tusker Malt Lager sponsored event that has been organised by House of Deejays, will be the last of this year and which other better way to end the year in style than with Africa’s top artist, Alikiba.


This edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala will also see the debut of one of Uganda’s best deejays, DJ Naselow. Famously known for his ‘Jamrock’ movement, DJ Naselow will bring an electrifying feel to the event as he looks to scratch and spin through his playlist of music that he has promised will leave everyone on their feet.

Mugoya Nasser, better known by his alias DJ Naselow, has risen through the decks as he plays music to different crowds. He has been professionally playing music for four years and this has catapulted him to one of the household names when it comes to deejaying.

DJ Naselow’s never ending love for music turned him into a deejay. According to DJ Naselow, a deejay is a person who manipulates records that are already made or in existence as an art form of entertainment using two turntables and a mixer not to forget a microphone to enable him interact with his or her audience.

He believes that to be a good deejay, one has to do in depth research and keep updated on the latest music. This also involves constant practice which is doing regular DJ scratch routines.

DJ Naselow has played at some of the biggest stages in Uganda, notable ones being at the Chronixx, Busy Signal and Konshens concerts.

Although he is mostly known for his reggae and dancehall sets, DJ Naselow says that he is more comfortable playing HipHop and Rn’B as opposed to the other genres. The “I Love Dancehall” star has played at some of the biggest stages and will be adding Blankets and Wine Kampala to the list when he takes to the stage on the 18th December at Lugogo Cricket Oval.


“Having a deejay of his stature as part of the lineup, gives us something to look forward to because he is a well-known crowd pleaser and we will be looking to dance and move to his playlist as we sip on some ice cold Tusker Malt Lagers.” said Tusker Brand Manage, Alex Tusingwire.

A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is East Africa’s premier music experience, designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genres of afro-based music.

Entrance fee is 100,000 UGX at the Lugogo Cricket Oval and gates open at 12:00pm on 18th December 2016.

Revelers can buy early bird tickets by dialing *252# on MTN mobile money or at Definition stores at acacia mall, Garden city,  Uganda Wines & Spirits, Kanyana’s Bakery in Kiwatule, PayWay outlets & House of DJs Office in Bugolobi.

In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.

Insurers to focus on technology and distribution in 2017.

The Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) today announced that in 2017, insurers will largely focus on increasing access to information on insurance and access to insurance services.  This announcement was made during a media specific engagement in Kampala in which the Association updated the media on its activities and developments in 2016 as well as the industry’s plans for 2017.


“This year we launched our 3 year consumer education program with the objective of presenting insurance in simple terms to make it more relatable to the public in order to increase the appreciation and purchase of insurance.  One of our learnings over 2016 is that a level of awareness about insurance has been achieved. What we therefore need to focus on- in addition to continuous sensitization- is how we can better provide our services; improve on the information available and on how best we can reach the current and future consumers, “said Ms. Miriam Magala, Chief Executive Officer, UIA, at the engagement.” Our consumer awareness program follows from the industry’s market growth development plan which intends to see insurance penetration grow to 3% by 2025.”

“The amendments to the Financial Institutions Act (FIA) which now allow us to sell our products through bank networks as well as the development of Takaful (Islamic insurance) and micro insurance regulations also mean that as we continue to educate, the industry needs to be positioned to meet the needs of these particular market segments. This will extend to the products we are developing, access to these products, the information we relay and how best we manage both client and related stakeholder expectations,” added Mr. Deepak Pandey, Chairman UIA.

In 2017, the insurance industry will therefore look to leverage on technology and further develop their distribution models to improve on access to information to insurance services.

“One of the projects we shall be launching in early 2017 is the “App Challenge” in which we will invite the public and especially the youth, to develop an application which will be used to, among others, provide information on the basics of insurance, the different products/services on the market, information on licensed players as well as information on how to make a claim. We also expect that through this Challenge and the application itself, we will receive information on the public about our services and use that information to ensure that insurance remains relevant to the public,” Ms. Magala said.

The Association will also put in place fraud databases to enable the industry monitor and understand consumer consumption patterns and needs as well as determine fraud instances in order to curb this practice.

In terms of strategic action, to ensure the growth of the industry, the Association will continue its engagements with the Bank of Uganda, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, Uganda Bankers Association, the Ministry of Finance and other stakeholders to ensure the establishment of a positive regulatory and business environment in 2017.  UIA has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Alhuda Center of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE), a partnership that will be critical as the industry prepares itself to take on Takaful (Islamic insurance). The partnership will extend to, among others, capacity building, product development, design and distribution, developing appropriate Takaful models for this market and providing advisory support on suitable regulatory frameworks. The Association will also continue to lobby for positive regulatory business environments, most important is the Insurance Bill, 2016 under which the Association is lobbying for the establishment of an appropriate & cost efficient business environment targeted at engineering growth, without compromising on supervisory intervention.  Most critical issues are to ensure that supervisory intervention is restricted to situations or circumstances bound to place policyholders funds at risk or if a business is unable to meet its liabilities; premiums are paid at inception or renewal of the policy- the current law allows for credit;  all local risks including marine, and oil & gas risks are written by and through locally licensed companies, and that the boards of insurance companies retains the right to determine the distribution of profits, subject to ensuring that there is sufficient capital in the company and that a company is able to pay claims when it is required to do so. We are confident that with our engagements with the Ministry, IRA and Members of Parliament, a suitable law will be passed. We are also advocating for a phased implementation of the law, once it is passed, due to the changes that will be required of companies including adjustments to capital, changes in internal processes and recruitment of additional staff.

The Association remains confident that through these and similar efforts, a fair regulatory environment will be established without compromising on supervisory intervention and unduly increasing business costs.

The Association will similarly continue to work with the Ministry of Finance, the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (IRA), the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda Revenue Authority to ensure the enforcement of the compulsory insurances in 2017 that is- Motor Third Party Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and Marine Insurance.

Uganda Insurers Association is the umbrella organization for all insurance and reinsurance companies in Uganda. Membership currently stands at 32 Life, General and Reinsurance companies.

Alikiba to highlight the 15th Edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Blankets and Wine Kampala will play host to Africa’s number one artist, Alikiba, come the 18th December at the Lugogo Cricket Oval alongside Ugandan artists The Mith, Jemimah Sanyu, Giovanni Kiyingi and superstar deejay DJ Naselow.

Powered by Tusker Malt Lager and organised by House of Deejays, the 15th Edition of Blankets and Wine will be the last of the quarterly picnic-style event on Uganda’s social calendar of 2016.


Fresh off winning the MTV Europe Music Awards as Africa’s Best International Act, Alikiba will be performing some of his famous songs such as; “Mwana” “Aje” “Chekecha tua” “Cinderella”, “Nakshi Nakshi” “Usiniseme” “Dushelele” “Single Boy” “Mapenzi YanaRun Dunia” among many others.

The Tanzanian born sensation whose full names are Ali Saleh Kiba is not only a singer but also a song writer, dancer and actor. Alikiba has released some of the best songs in Africa which have won him various awards such as; Best Male Artist, Song Writer of the year, Afro Pop Song Of the year, Song Of The Year all at the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards, Favorite Male Artist at the 2016 Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and Favorite artist at the 2016 Nollywood and African Film Critics’ Awards.

Alikiba will be joined on stage by one of Uganda’s fastest rising star female artists, Jemimah Sanyu. Well known for her energetic stage performances, Sanyu has performed on various stages across Africa. Famously known for the hit single Ziba Amaaso off her ‘Amaaso go googera’ album, Sanyu is also a music producer and voice coach.



Ugandan HipHop artist The Mith will bring a touch of urban music to the stage. With albums such as Destination Africa and The Week of September, there will be plenty to look forward to when The Mith gets onto the stage come 18th December.


Returning for the second time, Giovanni Kiyingi, folk singer-songwriter and Afro-fusion multi-instrumentalist, will be a welcome addition to the already epic line up.

Celebrated deejay, DJ Naselow, will be making his debut at the Blankets and Wine Kampala editions. DJ Naselow is famously known for his ‘’I Love Dancehall” mixtapes and his ability to move the crowd and get everyone dancing along to his playlists. With his prowess in mixing music and selecting the right songs to play for the crowd, best be guaranteed that we shall have a memorable experience.



Uganda Breweries Limited Head of Promotions, Roy Tumwizere said; “It has been a memorable journey that Tusker Malt Lager has had with Blankets and Wine. Fifteen editions later and our experience continues to be more extraordinary with each passing event. For the fifteenth edition, Tanzania’s Alikiba will give us a perfect end of year party. Notably Africa’s best artist of the year, Alikiba’s music resonates well with our goal to host the finest afro-based music acts.”

“The lineup of Ugandan artists will add the flavor to entice the revelers with our very own home grown talent. As Tusker Malt Lager, we appreciate our consumers and thus, give them an opportunity to discover some of the finest afro-based music acts through Blankets and Wine.” he added

A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is East Africa’s premier music experience, designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genres of afro-based music.

Entrance fee is 100,000 UGX at the Lugogo Cricket Oval and gates open at 12:00pm on 18th December 2016.

Revelers can buy early bird tickets by dialing *252# on MTN mobile money or at Definition stores at acacia mall, Garden city,  Uganda Wines & Spirits, Kanyana’s Bakery in Kiwatule, PayWay outlets & House of DJs Office in Bugolobi.

In line with its support for responsible drinking, Tusker Malt Lager will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy for sale of alcohol.

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