Canon launches its PIXMA G series printers in East Africa.

  • introduces its new CCNA organisation… 

Canon, a leader in imaging solutions, has announced the launch of three new printers in the East African region under its newly formed “Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)” business division. The division was carved in December 2015, to demonstrate Canon’s commitment to operating closer to its customers and meeting their demands in the rapidly evolving African market. The formation of Canon Central and North Africa will energise Canon’s operations across Africa as the strategy of growing reach and engaging customers is rolled out in all African markets that it geographically covers.

Hendrik Verbrugghe - Marketing Director Canon Middle East & Canon Centra...

The launched printers– the PIXMA G1400, PIXMA G2400 and PIXMA G3400 – are capable of printing up to 7,000 colour and 6,000 black pages from a single set of ink bottles. Featuring Canon’s brand new genuine Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), each printer uses refillable ink tanks to offer volume printing that significantly reduces ongoing ink expenditure.

“The demand for cost effective all-in-one office inkjet printers has significantly increased in the East African markets for offices where high yield printing is the norm, or home users who enjoy printing all their best photographs, these printers offer genuine value and low cost printing, with an unrivalled page number output for ultimate productivity. We are happy to cater to this growing segment and take forward Canon’s vision of providing cutting-edge technology to business and home-office users,” said Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, CME & CCNA at the launch. He further added that although Canon was catering to the demand of the region with CISS printers, it also offers the entire range of traditional printers (with nonrefillable cartridge system) to the market. These are essential for those customers who do not print a lot but still would like to have a low cost Inkjet Printer for their home needs, with exceptional photo quality and connectivity features.

“Canon is a leader in the imaging and business solutions category in terms of technology, performance and range. This success has been built on many factors, including our product range, the service we offer, and importantly, our ongoing programme for the development of Channel Partners across the region. Later today we are meeting with our channel partners and discussing plans to enhance availability of Canon products,” Mr Verbrugghe continued.


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