Madoxx delivers euphoric performance at Blankets and Wine XII Edition.

What other way would you better spend your Easter holidays than enjoy a fresh Tusker Malt Lager while dancing to good live music.

That is just what the 12th edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala provided on Sunday March 27, 2016 at the Uganda Museum grounds. The artiste line up was a blend of tingling musical genres; South Africa’s Uhuru unleashed the best of house music, Maddox on the other hand provided the ultimate lovers’ rock and reggae.

Madoxx performing at the B&W event

Madoxx thrills  the fans with his timeless music.

Sitenda, a former contestant in the Tusker Project Fame music competition and Sandra Suubi, winner of the Airtel Trace Music Star Search competition gave the audience a subtle but energetic vibe as the two ladies made their debuts at Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Sandra Suubi thrilling the revellers

Sitenda and her friends performing at the Blankets and Wine XII

Sponsored by Tusker Malt Lager, Blankets and Wine Kampala has become the most sought after event on Uganda’s social calendar.

Speaking prior to the event, Alex Tusingwire, the Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager said that they will continuously seek to raise the bar in terms of experience and artiste line up.

“Our aim as Tusker Malt Lager is to give consumers the freshest and most captivating experiences. 12 events down the road, the Blankets and Wine Kampala experience is only getting bigger. We shall always ensure that our consumers only get the best,” he noted.

People having a meal in the B&W tent

Lunchtime in the Tusker Malt lager tent.

As has become the norm, when the gates were opened at midday, lines quickly formed as families, friends and acquaintances aimed for perfect picnic spots at the museum grounds.

House of DJs has mastered the art of entertainment. It was evident from the crowd’s reaction that they were having a great time. The DJs mixed a variety of musical genres, ranging from the Old Skool to the latest chart bangers.

Revellers being star struck by Madoxx's performance

By the time Sandra Suubi stepped onto the stage, the audience was eager to keep dancing. Despite being her debut, Ssuubi didn’t show any signs of stage fright. In fact, she expertly belted out her lyrics in spritzing fashion. Her hit single, ‘Togwamu Suubi’ that got everyone dancing has gained good airplay and shows the potential in this courageous lady.

Chameleone with his wife Daniela and son at the B& event

Chameleone with his Wife and son.

The more adventurous Sitenda who describes her sound as deep meaningful soul music infused with modern electro, afro, jazz, hiphop and RnB elements, showed the audience a glimpse of the good things in store. Belting out hits like Without You and Ella, Sitenda was flawless as the audience took in the soothing sounds. ‘She is an amazing, talented performer,’ some revelers could be heard saying.

Ladies enjoying themselvves during the event.

Arguably Uganda’s true reggae ambassador, David Amon Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba literally brought down the building. His classical musical style that talks about love, unity, social justice, peace and everyday life added spice to an already exciting evening.

Uhuru thrill teh fans

Uhuru performing at the Blankets and Wine XII

Every song he performed was well received by the frenzied crowd who ecstatically sang along. He responded by ‘hitting’ them with mega sounds that have won him acclaim world over.

Uhuru on stage

Hits such as Wowota, Omuyimbi, Omukwano, Namagembe, Munakyalo, among others kept the audience on its feet. He did a great job; setting the mood right for a musical explosion with South Africa’s Uhuru.

Revelers enjoying Tusker Malt Lager

The kwaito/house music group famed for its Y-Tjukutja song left fans clamoring for more after putting up a sterling performance. The dynamic group is a compilation of young producers with a keen musical sensibility and an almost otherworldly ability to harness music and create sure-fire hits. The foursome are passionate producers who love to fuse African sound into their music.

The quartet managed to keep the audience on its feet…actually the audience couldn’t get enough of the men from South Africa.

A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is East Africa’s premier music experience, designed to showcase outstanding musicians in the emerging genres of afro-based music. Revelers thus get the chance to enjoy the rich African talent in LIVE performances by a wide array of artistes.


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