Airtel Rwanda changing lives through CSR.

Airtel Rwanda has been partaking in different CSR activities across the country. From Airtel Rising Stars to Reading Umuganda and donating Smartphones to fight breast cancer.

The festive season, in a spirit of giving, Airtel Rwanda staff chose to celebrate this year’s Christmas with the children at Home don Bosco, Nyanza.

Airtel Rwanda Head of CSR & Corporate Communications, Denise Umunyana handing over gifts at the Christmas party

Located in Ruyenzi village, Cyotamakara Cell in Nyanza Sector, Home don Bosco is an orphanage where children who have lost their parents have previously found a welcoming home. Founded in 1989 by Simons Pierre (Belgian), the home currently houses 70 children who are facilitated and educated by the Home.

Simons Pierre (middle) founder of the Home don Bosco Orphanage giving out gifts at the Airtel Christmas party

Speaking to the Director, Father Jean Claude Buhanga, he said; “At Home don Bosco, children are not only housed but also fed, educated, provided with scholastic materials and clothing. The children are later assisted on finding jobs when they’re done with school.”

Airtel Rwanda staff and the children of Home don Bosco

“We have also been able to find new homes for these children and they’re happy. We are so grateful that Airtel Rwanda chose to celebrate this year’s Christmas with us. The children really needed it and you can see that they’re happy.” He added.

Performers at the Airtel Christmas Party at the Home don Bosco in Nyanza 2

Simons Pierre the founder of Home don Bosco has a story to tell. For he started helping children when he had just come to Rwanda. Simons who is fluent in Kinyarwanda expressed his gratitude for Airtel’s support and thoughtful gesture. He says that most of the help that the Home gets, comes from friends, family and well-wishers.

At the Christmas party, Airtel Rwanda Head of CSR & Corporate Communications, Denise Umunyana said; “Airtel Rwanda staff are glad to have been able to bring joy to the children at Home don Bosco. In accordance with our corporate social responsibility pillars, we are happy to have brought joy to these children during this festive season. This is a season of giving and we had to share with the little ones.”

The Airtel Rwanda staff gave gifts to the children and joined them in the day’s activities that included; singing, dancing and storytelling among others.


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