Airtel Rwanda donates books as staff members take part in Umuganda.

During this month’s Umuganda, Airtel Rwanda partnered with Save the Children organization to donate over 700 books to communities in Ruganwa village, Kacyiru and surrounding areas.

Airtel Rwanda staff members preparing to take part in the cleaning of roads and drainages.

In an activity dubbed as ‘Reading Umuganda’, Airtel Rwanda came into partnership with Save the Children to support the development of children’s reading skills during their co-curricular activities. Aimed at ensuring that as parents and other adults are taking part in Umuganda activities, the children can be taking part in reading classes which will be led by community members.

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei planting a tree at the Umuganda activities in Kacyiru
Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei plants a tree during Umuganda.

During the donation of the books, Airtel staff members also took part in the Umuganda activities that took place in the community. The team partook in activities which included; tree planting, cleaning of roads, sewer draining and book reading.


In conjunction with its corporate social responsibility pillars, Airtel Rwanda also promised to further support the community by contributing some materials such as; hoes, wheelbarrows, rakes that will be used during Umuganda activities.


Save the Children’s Education Coordination and Partnerships Manager, Catherine Mercy expressed her gratitude and applauded Airtel Rwanda for having been so supporting in the development of the communities it operated in and ensuring that education of the children is eased through the books they donated.

Airtel Rwanda staff members distributing books to children at the Reading Umuganda activity.

Speaking during the activities, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei said; “At Airtel Rwanda, we value the importance of literacy and the need to have our children being able to have a good education. We donated these books so as we can have even the children in our communities get a good education. Through the Reading Umuganda, we hope they can be able to acquire literacy skills that they can further use in their schools and daily lives.”

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei cleaning the drainage trenches at the Umuganda activities in Kacyiru

Some of the communities that will benefit from the donated books will include; Kacyiru Youth Sports Center.


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