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November 2015

Airtel Rwanda Ni Ikirengaaa promotion winner takes his holiday trip.

Jean de Dieu Maniraho a businessman from Kicukiro collected who won 746,500 FRW and later won the draw for a VVIP experience trip to Serena Hotel, Rubavu, has flown out to go and enjoy life courtesy of Airtel Rwanda.

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director hands over a ticket to Jean de Dieu Maniraho winner of the first Ni Ikirengaaa trip to Serena Hptel, Rubavu. 2

Jean de Dieu Maniraho flew out with his companion as they’re to spend two days of an all-expenses paid for trip to Serena Hotel.

The overjoyed Jean could not hide his excitement as he got ready to board the helicopter. He said; “I am too excited for this trip and I thank Airtel Rwanda for having made one of my dreams come true. I am going to ensure that I enjoy my holiday fully.”

Jean de Dieu Maniraho winner of the first Airtel Ni Ikirenga promotion trip to Serena Hotel Rubavu poses for a photo before flying out.

In the Ni ikirengaaa promotion, Airtel customers can win 300% bonus and daily cash prizes of up to 1.5 million FRW. Additionally, two lucky weekly winners will be rewarded with a two-day fully paid for holiday trip to the Serena Hotel, Rubavu with a VVIP experience.

The Ni Ikirenga helicopter that winners will be flying with to Serena Hotel, Rubavu. 2

The fully paid for holiday trip includes a helicopter ride from the Kigali International Airport to the hotel, the winner of the trip can be able to bring a companion or friend along. Airtel Rwanda will give the winners 100,000 FRW shopping money and at the end of the holiday, the winners will return in a luxury car.

Airtel Rwanda donates books as staff members take part in Umuganda.

During this month’s Umuganda, Airtel Rwanda partnered with Save the Children organization to donate over 700 books to communities in Ruganwa village, Kacyiru and surrounding areas.

Airtel Rwanda staff members preparing to take part in the cleaning of roads and drainages.

In an activity dubbed as ‘Reading Umuganda’, Airtel Rwanda came into partnership with Save the Children to support the development of children’s reading skills during their co-curricular activities. Aimed at ensuring that as parents and other adults are taking part in Umuganda activities, the children can be taking part in reading classes which will be led by community members.

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei planting a tree at the Umuganda activities in Kacyiru
Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei plants a tree during Umuganda.

During the donation of the books, Airtel staff members also took part in the Umuganda activities that took place in the community. The team partook in activities which included; tree planting, cleaning of roads, sewer draining and book reading.


In conjunction with its corporate social responsibility pillars, Airtel Rwanda also promised to further support the community by contributing some materials such as; hoes, wheelbarrows, rakes that will be used during Umuganda activities.


Save the Children’s Education Coordination and Partnerships Manager, Catherine Mercy expressed her gratitude and applauded Airtel Rwanda for having been so supporting in the development of the communities it operated in and ensuring that education of the children is eased through the books they donated.

Airtel Rwanda staff members distributing books to children at the Reading Umuganda activity.

Speaking during the activities, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei said; “At Airtel Rwanda, we value the importance of literacy and the need to have our children being able to have a good education. We donated these books so as we can have even the children in our communities get a good education. Through the Reading Umuganda, we hope they can be able to acquire literacy skills that they can further use in their schools and daily lives.”

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Michael Adjei cleaning the drainage trenches at the Umuganda activities in Kacyiru

Some of the communities that will benefit from the donated books will include; Kacyiru Youth Sports Center.

Airtel Rwanda unveils massive festive season promotion.

In a move to continue rewarding its customers, Airtel Rwanda has today unveiled a new promotion that will see customers being awarded with daily and weekly prizes.

Dubbed as the Ni Ikirengaaaaaaa reloaded promotion, Airtel Rwanda customers will be able to win 300% bonus to all achievers of the promotion. There will also be daily cash prizes of up to 1.5 million FRW. Additionally, two lucky weekly winners will be rewarded with a two-day fully paid for holiday trip to the Serena Hotel, Rubavu with a VVIP experience.

L-R Airtel Rwanda MD Michael Adjei speaks to the media, Airtel Marketing Director Indrajeet Singh and Airtel Data and Device manager Chrysanthe Turatimana at the launch of the Ni Ikirengaa promotion
L-R Airtel Rwanda MD Michael Adjei speaks to the media, Airtel Marketing Director Indrajeet Singh and Airtel Data and Device manager Chrysanthe Turatimana at the launch of the Ni Ikirengaa promotion

The fully paid for holiday trip will include a helicopter ride from the Kigali International Airport to the hotel, the winner of the trip will be able to bring a companion or friend along, Airtel Rwanda will give the winners 100,000 FRW shopping money, at the end of the holiday and the winners will return in a luxury car.

Last year’s Ni Ikirengaaaa promotion saw Airtel Rwanda rewarding its customers with eight 3-bedroomed houses which were based in Kigali, in a campaign that lasted for 8 weeks and had over 30,000 Airtel customers winning prizes.

Speaking to one of the house winners from last year’s promotion, Aloise Kagimbura, a teacher and Director of Studies at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village and resident of Kicukiro, Masaka who won the 7th house, he said; “I was and still are so thankful to Airtel for the house I won. It came as a blessing to me and my family. I have been able to rent out the house and I am getting additional income to support my family.”

Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Mr. Michael Adjei said; “Last year we rewarded 8 3-bedroomed houses to our customers. We have just concluded the Tunga promotion where we rewarded customers 12 motorcycles in 12 weeks. This goes to show how Airtel Rwanda appreciates its customers and that we shall continue to offer more. With the new campaign, we bring the festive season’s mood early to our customers.”

“The campaign is our gift to our customers. Let us enjoy this festive season as we continue to support each other. There is no cost of participating in this promotion. Everyone can be a winner.” He added.


Photos: Airtel Tunga Promotion

Airtel Rwanda trivia challenge came to an end as a businessman from Kacyiru walked away with the twelfth Tunga motorcycle.

The Airtel Tunga Promotion has been running for three months with Airtel Rwanda customers being able to stand a chance to win daily airtime and a motorcycle at the end of the week.

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Every day, 5 customers with the most points on the day were rewarded with Airtel airtime worth Rwf2, 000 and the customer with the highest number of points at the end of the week would win a brand new motorcycle.

Emirates A380 draws in over 18,000 visitors at the Dubai Airshow.

Over 18,000 people visited the new two-class Emirates A380 over the last five days at the Dubai Airshow. That is the equivalent of filling up 30 full flights on the two-class A380, which debuted for the first time at the show.

Dubai Airshow 2
People lining up to take a tour of the Emirates A380

The aircraft on display was Emirates’ 68th A380 and was ferried from Hamburg to the show site, allowing Dubai Airshow visitors a first glimpse on-board the brand new double-decker. The aircraft will begin flying to Copenhagen on 1 December. It will also fly to Bangkok.

The Emirates’ two class configured A380 features 58 flatbed seats in Business Class and 120 Economy Class seats on the upper deck, with another 437 seats in Economy Class on the lower deck. The aircraft also features Emirates’ renowned Onboard Lounge. The newest version of Emirates’ A380 will feature among the widest individual in-seat Economy Class screens in the industry, measuring in at 13.3 inches, where passengers have the choice of over 2,000 channels.

Click here to watch a video showcasing Emirates highlights at the Dubai Airshow.

Emirates was the first airline to order the A380 and is the largest operator of this aircraft. The A380 fleet has flown over 52,000 round trips and has travelled over 700 million kilometres. Over 47 million passengers have travelled on the aircraft to date. The Emirates A380 currently flies it to 34 destinations around the world from Dubai. The airline currently has 68 A380s in service and has a further 72 on firm order.

At the 2015 Dubai Airshow, Emirates also displayed its smallest aircraft – an Embraer Phenom 100E and a Cirrus SR22, representing the fleet of 27 new aircraft which will be used by cadets at the new Emirates Flight Training Academy when it opens in 2016. On the sidelines of the show, Emirates officially inaugurated Emirates SkyCentral, its state-of-the-art cargo terminal at the Logistics District in Dubai South, dedicated to the airline’s freighter operations.

Customers can now pay their taxi monthly license, trading license & property rates to KCCA using Airtel Money.

Today Airtel Uganda and Kampala Capital City Authority officially unveiled the e-City project, an electronic mode for collection of KCCA dues, that allows customers to pay their taxi monthly license, trading license & property rates, land dues and yellow fever vaccinations by using the convenient and instant Airtel Money platform.

Speaking at the launch event, the Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. Tom Gutjahr said that Airtel is proud to be associated with the development of Kampala and partnering with KCCA to ease the services provided to its residents. “As the smartphone network, we are extremely gratified that through Airtel Money, all Kampala residents can now pay for their services with ease, securely and instantly”, he said.

Since the launch of this product last year, Airtel money has been the major mode of payment that has been embraced by the public who have credited it for being simple, very secure, time saving and instant. Customers do not have to wait in queues to make payments before they can get service from KCCA.

Airtel Uganda has been at the forefront in regards to partnering with companies and fostering innovations that are aimed at improving the lives of their customers. With innovations such as; sending and receiving money across networks, Airtel Money ATM withdrawals, Bank integration, bill payments with Airtel money, Airtime topping up using Airtel Money and now KCCA fee payment using Airtel money, Airtel has always had the interests of their customers at heart and has tried to cater to all of them despite their different locations and economic activities.

The benefits of this KCCA fees payment solution include:

  1. 24/7 convenient payment solution (anywhere, anytime) – all they need is a phone with an Airtel Money account.
  2. A customer can pay in instalments using their Airtel money account.
  3. Security – the customer receives a payment receipt which he can present when the KCCA enforcers attack him for not having paid yet he did. He will show them that receipt or go to his Airtel Money account, select KCCA, and a balance he owes KCCA will show, if cleared, he will have zero balance.
  4. Simple and instant.

Photos: Airtel Tunga Promotion concludes with Kacyiru Businessman winning 12th Motorcycle.

The Airtel Rwanda trivia challenge came to an end as a businessman from Kacyiru walked away with the twelfth Tunga motorcycle.

The Airtel Tunga Promotion has been running for three months with Airtel Rwanda customers being able to stand a chance to win daily airtime and a motorcycle at the end of the week.

Nduwayezu Juvens became the 12th and final winner of the trivia challenge after having been on the Airtel Rwanda network for just over a month. The businessman from Kacyiru was astounded on receiving the news.

The motorcycle was handed over by the new Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, Mr. Michael Adjei who was very grateful for the loyalty that the customers had showed for all the while.

“The TUNGA campaign has been a great success in achieving engagement with our customers. We have received tremendous feedback and we shall action this feedback to deliver more and better services to all our customers. In total, we have given out twelve motorcycles. We have been awarding a motorcycle to the participant with the highest points at the end of every week.” He said.

“On behalf of Airtel Rwanda, I want to thank all our customers for the continued support they have given us. We promise to continue serving you.” He added.

Not only has the promotion changed people’s lives, it was well received because it gave people an opportunity to start businesses with the motorcycles they received.

Among the winners, we have had a journalist (the 1st winner), a student (winner the 8th winner), businessmen and businesswomen (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th), a mechanic (5th winner) and a school teacher (9th winner).

Speaking to Nduwayezu Juvens, the 12th winner of the Airtel Tunga Promotion, he said; “I am so excited about winning this motorcycle. I will add this to my business so that I can be able to build it further.”

Every day, 5 customers with the most points on the day were rewarded with Airtel airtime worth Rwf2, 000 and the customer with the highest number of points at the end of the week would win a brand new motorcycle.

Emirates’ super jumbo message against the illegal wildlife trade.

Two massive Emirates A380 jets take to the skies this week, wearing special livery in support of United for Wildlife, a global collaboration that unites the efforts of the world’s leading wildlife charities in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

The beautiful livery, featuring some of the planet’s wildlife threatened by poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, aims to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and communicate the need for urgent action.

The Rt Hon The Lord Hague of Richmond, Chair of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce said: “We welcome the efforts and commitment made by Emirates airline to combat the illegal wildlife trade. This is more than just an environmental issue. The illegal wildlife trade is now recognized as a serious and organised transnational crime. It drives corruption, is linked to money laundering and can damage economic development in many of the world’s poorest countries and communities. It will take a concerted effort, involving not only effective deterrents against poaching and smuggling, and vigilance in policing and punishing these crimes, but also efforts to increase consumer education to cut demand to protect these animals for the future. ”

Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline said: “Many animals, in particular African elephants, rhinos, tigers, and pangolins, are under extreme pressure because of an unprecedented spike in the illegal wildlife trade. The world is in a global poaching crisis, and everyone has to do their part to stop this, before it is too late. Emirates believes that the global transport industry, including airlines, can play a significant role to break the supply chain of illegal wildlife trade. And at Emirates, we are committing the resources to do our part.”

Consumers too, can contribute in a big way, by boycotting products made from the parts of these endangered animals and discouraging others from doing so.

Emirates’ two A380s will be operating flights this week. The first one departed for London (LHR) on 2nd November and a second will operate to Mauritius (MRU) on 5th November, each wearing a different design featuring endangered wildlife. The decal on the first flight featured six endangered species, while the second flight will feature a decal with rhinos and elephants. Both designs cover the world’s largest passenger aircraft almost from nose to tail, spreading over the wings and under-belly of the plane. Approximately 40% of the surface area of the A380 will be covered by the decal. The larger of the two designs span over 42.5 metres in length and 6.2 metres in width, and weighs 70kg. Entirely designed, produced, and applied by Emirates’ in-house staff, both of these are the largest decals the airline has put on any aircraft, to date and took a team of 28 people 2.5 days to apply the decals on one A380, or approximately 900 man hours per aircraft.

View the timelapse video of the aircraft putting on its new livery here:

In addition to its two A380s literally “flying” the flag for the cause, Emirates will run regular feature stories about wildlife protection in its inflight magazines, and showcase podcast interviews, wildlife programming and feature films on its award-winning ice inflight entertainment system. This subject was the cover story in the October edition of Emirates’ Open Skies magazine, which can be read here.

The airline is also collaborating with international organisations to train and better equip its ground and cargo staff to detect and deal with illegal wildlife products in transit. As the required paperwork for movement of some wildlife products is often forged, Emirates also made the decision to ban trophy shipments.

dnata, one of the world’s largest air services provider and a member of the Emirates Group, is also raising awareness through its dnata4good initiative. dnata4good has already been working with local charity organisations and authorities to save the Rhinos in South Africa. dnata4good has already funded an emergency response vehicle which treats poached rhinos in the field and have played a major part in educating local children on the dangers of poaching. In addition to this, they have also supported the first rhino orphanage and rehabilitation facility which is now fully operational in Hoedspruit.

Quick facts about the threat to wildlife from poaching and illegal trade

  • There are as few as 3,200 tigers left in the wild. Illegal trade in their parts and products is one of the biggest threats to wild tigers. Between 2000 and 2014, the parts of at least 1,590 tigers were seized in Asia.
  • Rhino poaching in South Africa increased from 13 rhinos in 2007 to 1215 rhinos in 2014. That now equates to more than three rhinos a day. Africa-wide, 1,293 rhinos are reported to have been poached in 2014.
  • Around 30,000 African elephants are killed by poachers each year. Central Africa is worst hit with a poaching rate twice the continental average. Left unaddressed, poaching could cause the extinction of elephants in Central Africa.
  • The pangolin is the world’s most-trafficked mammal. Over a million pangolins are estimated to have been poached in the last ten years.
  • Park rangers are often ill equipped and inexperienced to tackle armed and ruthless poachers. Poaching syndicates have changed the way they operate and are now using sophisticated weaponry and equipment to increase their activities and avoid detection (helicopters, veterinary drugs, night vision equipment). 1,000 rangers are estimated to have been killed in ten years while protecting wildlife.

Airtel Uganda and AIESEC train Kyambogo students on Digital Empowerment.

Airtel Uganda, along with the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) recently visited Kyambogo University, as part of the MOU that was signed between the two companies to carry out a Digital Youth Empowerment Programme and training in ten universities in Uganda.

AIESEC, an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential, is the world’s largest student-run organization that focuses on developing students on a global scale into responsible and entrepreneurial leaders. It was started in Uganda in 1996 at Makerere University and currently has close to 300 members in seven universities.

The AIESEC-Airtel Digital Youth Empowerment Program was open to all the youths in Kyambogo University with the objective of enriching them with digital tools so as to be more competitive in the region and the global job market. The sessions held were interactive, with an agenda aimed to drive the audience to become more curious about the use of digital tools to solve problems around them. Quiz sessions were weaved into the program and Airtel offered prizes including 500MBs of data, smart watches and tablets to the participants.

According to Airtel Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Mrs. Charity Bukenya, “Airtel Uganda has and will always welcome ideas that focus on empowerment of the youth, not only by providing them with better telecommunications solutions, but also by giving them opportunities to better their loves through the kind of exposure that AIESEC provides.”

Similar trainings have been conducted in other universities around the country, such as Ndejje University, Uganda Martyrs University and Makerere University in Kampala.

The program has trained approximately 1400 students in 9 Universities across Uganda.

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