Airtel Rwanda Staff take part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.

The month of October is the worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is aimed at increasing knowledge about Breast Cancer. This year, Airtel Rwanda staff joined fellow Rwandans to take part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk which was organized by Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa Inc. among other companies. The walk which started from King Faisal Hospital and ended at the Christ Church of Rwanda in Gacuriro, was attended by many people from all walks of life.

There is still a big challenge in Rwanda because people have little or no knowledge on the breast cancer disease. The disease affects both men and women although it is more common among the women.

Among those who attended the walk was Miss Rwanda, Doriane Kundwa, who said; Cancer does not discriminate. We all need to own up to the disease so that we can be able to fight it.

Dr. Francois Uwindi an Oncologist and in Charge of the Cancer Unit at Rwanda Biometric Center, said that there has been an improvement in the fight against all forms of Cancer in Rwanda. Previously, the country didn’t have as many specialists. Now there is a specialist at every government hospital in the country.

The Director of the Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa, Mrs. Philippa Kibugu-Decuir said that there was a need to increase the sensitization of the public especially emphasizing that Breast Cancer can affect both men and women. Philippa encouraged people to be vigilant about their health and go to health centers for checkup and treatment. Adding that early detection would increase one’s chances of survival

Speaking to Airtel Rwanda Head of CSR & Corporate Communications, Denise Umunyana, she said; “Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in women worldwide. The biggest problem we are facing with fighting the disease is; lack of awareness. Many women get to know about having this cancer when it is in its late stages. Airtel Rwanda staff took part in the walk to spread awareness about the disease among fellow women and men.”

The walk was concluded with a community health forum involving doctors and breast cancer survivors and advocates holding a discussion on awareness/education, community forum and Q&A session at Christ Church of Rwanda (CCR) Gacuriro which was the finishing point of the walk.  There was also a free clinical breast examination for the attendees by the trained Rwanda Association of Midwives.


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