Bell Lager celebrates Kampala.

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) under its flagship Bell Lager brand on Sunday joined thousands of Kampala residents to celebrate the city’s uniqueness.

Coming just a few days before Uganda marks its 53rd Independence anniversary, the Kampala City Festival that started in 2012 as a way of commemorating 50 years of Uganda’s self-rule, aims at celebrating culture, unity and diversity.

Bell Lager spiced up its presence at the Kampala City Festival this year with a customized float which also had the renderings of the Ne-Yo concert. The float, complete with a full length guitar had a mini stage where girls dressed in Ne-Yo’s trademark hats, suspenders and neckties danced to the ‘Gentleman’s’ music. At its VIP hospitality tent that had been set up next to the main stage, Bell Lager that was the Platinum sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, treated its customers to an experience like. For starters, the tent had a clear view of the main stage, thus guests only had to turn their seats and the stage was in their full view. The tent also had its own mini stage where different artistes performed to a select audience. There were performances from a dance troop that danced to Ne-Yo’s music, Mun*G and Cindy.

Speaking during the festival, Robert Nsibirwa, the Bell Lager Brand Manager said that Bell Lager has been at the forefront of celebrating the uniqueness of Uganda and that it will continue to support initiatives that promote local enterprise and creativity.

“This is a day to celebrate our consumers’ uniqueness and that is why we have been and will continue to be part of the Kampala City Festival. This year we wanted to give our consumers a feel of what to expect at the upcoming Ne-Yo concert,” he stated.

Everything that Bell Lager showcased at the festival was a reflection of the Bell Pop’n Jam concert with Ne-Yo slated for October 30, 2015 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

This year, over two million Ugandans gathered on the streets of Kampala to celebrate the

fourth Kampala City Festival. Organized under theme ‘Colour and Climate Change,’ the fourth

edition of the festival aimed at bringing Ugandans and other nationals to celebrate their

heritage, color and climate.

The Kampala City Festival is currently rated as the biggest in East and Central Africa, yet it only

started in 2012. The 2015 Kampala City Festival will go down as one of the most interesting

street parties in recent years. From the crowd that flocked Kampala’s metropolis to the music

as well as the excitement that was exhibited by everyone, all came together to make the day

memorable. The area around the Kampala Railway grounds that also housed the main stage is where most of the action was concentrated.


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