Ambition Mission is all about Inspiring the Young People.

Statistics from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics indicate that Uganda has a high population of young people under the age of 25 years. The statistics further reveal that 47.3% of the population is below the age 15, 23.3% are adolescents and 33.5% are generally classified as young people. This therefore makes the case for empowering young people more profound because they are not only the future, but also the present.

Ambition Mission, a community of young Ugandans aged 15-25 who are united in their desires to achieve their personal ambitions in life is currently playing a key role in shaping the future of the country.

Yosia Lukwago, the key contact of Ambition Mission says that young people play a critical role in the development of society and that the groundwork for the future is now.

“Teenagers are often held hostage by the assumption that they are troublemakers and can do no good. That is quite a stereotype because they are the next generation. They will be running the world someday; as such, we have to give them the necessary guidance to ensure they meet their life aspirations,” says Yosia.

Adding, “At Ambition Mission we believe that we must help everyone. If we cannot do good to others, then we don’t have any right to do bad to others.”

Across Uganda, thousands of young people have pledged to show the world that they are focused on achieving their dreams by joining Ambition Mission and fundamentally agreeing to say no to tobacco. Which is one of the two key pillars of Ambition Mission.

According to Yosia, the Ambition Mission community has two goals; to inspire young Ugandans to achieve their personal ambitions in life by encouraging them to believe in themselves, respect themselves and stay focused on their goals; secondly to encourage these motivated young people to reject tobacco in all its forms as a way of showing themselves and the world that they are on the right path to achieving their dreams.

The Ambition Mission community is supported and sponsored by a group of people and organisations who believe in the potential of young Ugandans and want to help them in achieving their dreams of a better life. These include; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Good Business, Limelight among others.

Ambition Mission supports and inspires young people to achieve their dreams through activities such as weekly radio shows, a regular youth magazine and an inspiring Facebook page. Competitions like Rising Stars gives motivated, ambitious young people the opportunity to be recognised for their ambitions and to meet and be inspired by their celebrity role models.

Concerning recent chatter on social media and in some tabloids that Ambition Mission is involved in illuminati activities and recruiting youth for homosexuality, Yosia has this to say “Any allegation concerning Ambition Mission being Illuminati is totally false. Any allegation regarding Ambition Mission recruiting children for any purposes at all, homosexual or otherwise is totally not true. It saddens me that one of the few youth initiatives that teaches our kids to be more focused and driven and at the same time encourages them to stay away from vices that will hinder their ability to be the best individuals they can be would receive such terribly false and malicious accusations.” He went on to advise “Because of the popularity of this youth brand, we have noticed several fictitious Facebook accounts that have up to two or three thousand followers whereas the real Ambition Mission page, “Ambition Mission UG’ has close to 120,000 likes.  We would like to appeal to the public, Facebook and the authorities to be vigilant when anybody contacts them regarding Ambition Mission asking them to go to engage in any such activities like we have heard in social media. And they should report these individuals to the authorities”


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