Airtel Uganda Extends Free Healthcare Services to the Lira Community

Telecommunications giant, Airtel Uganda, in partnership with the Hind’s Feet Project, held a community health fair at Ayito Primary School in Lira district in an effort to improve the wellbeing of community members and empower them with the basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions.

At the health fair, different health services that included dental, eye, general medicine, screening for HIV, diabetes, ulcers, blood pressure, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, malaria, hepatitis B and cervical cancer were provided to approximately 1000 people from Amachi sub county and surrounding areas. The health fair also included safe male circumcision.

“Airtel Uganda aims to improve the general lives of Ugandans, not only by providing them with affordable and reliable telecommunications solutions, but also by increasing knowledge on general health and the use of preventive health services to help Ugandans make the right health decisions,” commented Mr. Julius Wejuli, the acting Corporate Social Responsibility Manager when asked why Airtel had chosen to be part of this health fair.

“We would like to thank Airtel Uganda for their continued support as we travel around the country treating Ugandans who would not have managed to access these services for a different number of reasons starting with affordability,” commented Henry, a volunteer with the Hind’s Feet Project.

During this health fair, the Hind’s Feet Project engaged community members to establish a customized community health outreach program and all the health services were provided by volunteers in partnership with local health organizations.


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