Telco donates Shs 70 million in the fight against Fistula.

Airtel Uganda has handed over the contributions that were collected during the Kabaka Run to contribute towards the fight against Fistula.

In an event held at Bulange-Mengo, Airtel Uganda handed over Shs 70 million to Princess Nalinya Victoria Nkinzi on behalf Kitovu Hospital. The money was collected through the contributions by people, institutions and companies that contributed money and bought tickets to participate in the Kabaka Run. The money was handed over to the

The Kabaka Run is an initiative by the Kabaka Foundation under Buganda Kingdom that happens every year. The run involves members of the public contributing a certain amount of money to take part in a marathon around Kampala City. The current run’s aim is to fight Fistula among women.

Princess Nalinya Victoria Nkinzi who is also the patron of majestic brands thanked Airtel and Kitovu Hospital for the fight against fistula.

Airtel Uganda Sales Director Ali Balunywa hands over the Shs 70 million cheques to member of the Kitovu Hospital
Airtel Uganda Sales Director Ali Balunywa hands over the Shs 70 million cheques to member of the Kitovu Hospital

The 2015 Kabaka Run marked the second consecutive year that Airtel Uganda has partnered with Buganda Kingdom in a bid to fight the prevalence of fistula in Uganda which has affected thousands of women in the country. Last year, Airtel Uganda donated UGX 100,000,000/- shillings to the fight and treatment of the disease. This year, the telecommunications giant signed a three-year partnership with Buganda Kingdom worth UGX 170,000,000/- to cater to four of the most important Buganda Kingdom activities which include; The Kabaka Run, Kabaka’s birthday, The Kabaka’s coronation as well as the Eid El Fitri religious holiday. Airtel Uganda also provided the running kits that were used by participants in the marathon.

Airtel Uganda Sales Director Ali Balunywa had this to say about the partnership with Buganda Kingdom;

“This partnership is a testament to Airtel’s commitment to health and creating solutions for the health sector in Uganda. We are honored and proud to be a partner in this initiative. It is an incredible achievement for the Buganda Kingdom.”

“We would like to thank the countless agents for innovation – from the Kabaka Foundation, and the other sponsors who have helped to make this initiative possible. It is now that we help fight this disease that is affecting our community.” He added.


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