Airtel Tugabane: A product for all your internet needs.

According to the 2000 World Bank report, Internet usage in Uganda was at 0.2% in the country. In 2013, internet usage was at 16.2%. The increase in internet usage can be highly attributed to the increase in the number of Telecom companies and internet service providers that are coming into and leaving the market like it is a bar.
Affordable smartphones and smart devices, coupled with the ever changing Internet prices, it has become possible for many Ugandans to afford an Internet connection.


This has also been boosted by the number of internet service providers in the country. There are so many internet providers that one can be spoilt for choice. Undoubtedly, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides the best Internet connection at the best price is the one that will take the bread home.
New Internet packages have been tailored based on what customers’ needs are. We have had data sharing by buying for a friend data but the latest Airtel Uganda Internet option has so far stood out. A couple of weeks back, Airtel Uganda introduced an Internet option of sharing actual data as opposed to buying mobile data for someone. One can be able to just add the their friend or family member to his/her list of subscribers. The list makes up to five people sharing mobile data that is provided by one person.
The Airtel Internet package is called ‘Tugabane’ which means to share.

The options that come with the package include; being able to stay connected to the internet even when the phone of the person who is sharing his/her data is off (our favorite). Using unlimited data. There is no cap on how much mobile data can be shared.

To subscribe to the Tugabane internet option, dial *175# and follow prompts. I hope that with this new offer from Airtel Uganda, we will have less excuses from people claiming not to have mobile data.


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