Jose Chameleone in Kenya for the Coke Studio Africa Season.

After concluding the Canadian league of the “Wale Wale” tour, Ugandan music king: Chameleon has arrived in Nairobi, Kenya via Uganda. He is set to film the new season of Coke Studio Africa, for the first time.

You would think that he would be exhausted after the long flight but the hard worker did not stop anywhere when he arrived, he went straight to the studios for work. It’s such hard work that has made the singer’s latest hit singles “Tubonge” and “Wale Wale” take over Africa and the world by storm. Several Nairobi journalists have booked Chameleon for interviews wanting to know more about what Ugandan flavour he will be bringing to the show this season.

In his Instagram account an excited Chameleon was seen posting videos and pictures on his trip with the hashtag #CokeStudioAfrica He might be paired with a female musician from Kenya or Nigeria, even he’s yet to find out. Chameleon’s music has always resonated with fans across East Africa. His fan base has in recent years expanded to Europe and America. Several “Wale Wale” tours have been sold out.

Coke Studio Africa has this season brought together 28 artistes drawn from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Nigeria. They will all be tasked in duos to create songs made of mash-ups of two different songs. This means that they will for the first time produce songs Africa has never heard. Other Ugandan acts set to join the show include Julian Kanyamozi, Keko and Maurice Kirya among others.


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