New ways to ease Internet connection.

World over, the telecommunications sector has proved to be a vital cog in advancing economic growth. From the introduction of mobile phones all through to M-Commerce, the telecom sector has become a conduit to creating a cashless and hustle-free eco system world over.

Case in point; in less than a decade, a mobile phone has rapidly evolved into a safe and secure money transfer tool, increasingly being used to conduct more complex transactions.

Today, there is hardly a company that can thrive without a telephone and other electronic forms of communications.

In Uganda where there’s a free-market economy, the need for reliable telecommunications services has never been more profound.

Availability and reliability of the telecommunications services is vital in facilitating the flow of information and establishment of a feedback cycle between geographically dispersed suppliers and their centrally located customers.

This year, Airtel Uganda has come out strongly to spur economic growth in the country rolling out innovative campaigns and products. Two cutting-edge campaigns; the “Happiness Continues” campaign and more recently, “The Smartphone Network” campaign have been launched since.

With the ‘Happiness Continues’ campaign, our aim was to reward all our customers for making Airtel one of the most loved brands in Uganda. As part of the rewards process, Airtel Uganda held mobile clinics to educate our subscribers on how to get the most out of our products and services.

The current “The Smartphone Network” campaign, aims to bring affordable and reliable smartphones to our subscribers. Our two cheapest offerings being the Airtel Red and the Airtel Smartphones.

Under the same campaign, Airtel Uganda has launched a new and enhanced internet value proposition named TUGABANE. This service allows an internet user to subscribe to a data bundle on one mobile line and is able to add up to four other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle.

TUGABANE, the first innovation of its kind in the Ugandan Mobile Internet industry, has proved to be more powerful than WiFi hotspots whose coverage is limited. TUGABANE allows a group to access internet bundles from the ‘parent’ number irrespective of their geographical location and type of internet device used.

TUGABANE has not only had an influence on social behavior but also increased financial benefits as subscribers are able to optimally manage their data budgets.

This innovation is suitable for a country like Uganda, which is not only culturally rich and diverse but also has one shared trait; the spirit of sharing moments of happiness, collective fun and socializing.


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