Eric Wainaina leaves a mark at Blankets And Wine.

The lineup of artists scheduled to perform was an interesting blend contemporary, afro pop and dance. Eric Wainaina was the main act of the day, with Suzan Kerunen, Janzi Band and the singing duo of Radio and Weasel completing the cast.

When Suzan Kerunen hit the stage at around 3pm, it was almost a full house. Singing in her native Alur, Kerunen, back by Njige, Agwara and Ndara drums from West Nile performed her popular songs like loka cha, Anyira, Akuru, Acher achera, among others.

The weight and message behind Kerunen’s music always make her stand out from other artists. She makes sure she connects with her roots and it was evident from the dance styles employed by one of her back up artists.

After her satisfying performance, Janzi band took over and what a performance they delivered. The band played local songs like Maddox Ssematimba’s popular hits; Namagembe and Omukwano gwaffe, before embarking on international chart busters.

By the time the band announced it was leaving the stage, the crowd that was now on their feet begrudgingly agreed.

Eric Wainaina was next up. He kept the entertainment going with hits like Sawa sawa, Ritwa Riaku off his first album released way back in 2001.

Eric’s music is a blend of Kenyan Benga rhythm and East African guitars, with some modern Western harmony, but what makes him one of the most loved musicians is the political consciousness of his music.  When he performed Nchi Ya Kitu Kidogo, it was time for revelers to pit their dancing styles against their colleague’s.

Eric’s down-to-earth persona, a total opposite of the seriousness in his music makes him one of the most sought after artists in the region.

As the singing duo of Radio and Weasel hit the stage, there was literally no one seated. It time to party Ugandan style (party or dance till you drop).

Hitting the stage with ‘Talk and Talk’, the dynamic duo, debuting at Blankets and Wine, meant business from the energy levels they exuded, and dance it was.

Back by a live band, the duo then went on to perform songs like Neera, Ntunga, Hellena plus old hits like Nakudata, Nyumbani, Nyambura, Zuena, Bread and Butter, Amaaso and Magnetic.

Phoebe Nakabazzi, the Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager commented that the choice of artists this time was to give Ugandans a wide range of musical genres.

“We are always on the lookout for the freshest music and experience for our consumers. As Tusker Malt Lager, we are happy to connect with our consumers and we promise to make it bigger every time,” she said.

A quarterly, picnic style music festival, Blankets and Wine is sponsored by Tusker Malt Lager, the beer brewed using the freshest, finest malt and hops, to give you a fresh, crisp taste that no other beer can. Unlike other beers our malt lager is nurtured on our finest fields, brewed here and delivered to outlets next door, giving us a beer of incomparable freshness.


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