PR Over Coffee to revolutionize business perceptions and executions in Uganda.

Uganda is set to benefit from a raft of ground breaking business knowledge from internationally acclaimed experts when the monthly Public Relations over Coffee (PROC) meetings commence in May 2015.

The monthly events will focus on fresh topics from diverse sectors of the economy and will provide a platform for close interaction and knowledge sharing between sector experts and participants.

According to officials, the inaugural meeting is scheduled for early May 2015 and will be graced by a renowned global business consultant and advisor.

“During the meetings, participants will partake in dialogue sessions with panelists comprising both local and global experts to offer innovative alliances, where education and networking opportunities support our members’ businesses to grow exponentially,” Lysandra Chen, the General Manager of PROC said.

Ms. Chen, added that the events will help create a more versatile business society through opportunities for knowledge sharing, brand development and network building.

It is often emphasized that, Uganda has more self employed entrepreneurs than any other country in the region, PROC aims at giving these maverick spirited pioneers more of the tools they need to shake up their industry, challenge ‘old hat’ practices, increase their bottom line and have an undeniable impact on the business society in Uganda.

The inaugural event focuses on the Tourism sector and will be graced by one of the worlds most renowned Adviser and Consultant on tourism Mr. Ken Robinson.

Mr. Robinson specializes in the analysis, development planning, management and marketing of visitor attractions and related tourism facilities. A great competency the audience will be looking forward to. Ken Robinson has undertaken numerous projects and studies for Government Departments and Agencies, major companies in the private sector, Local Authorities, Trusts and individual investors; primarily in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe as well as projects in USA, Canada and Asia.

All SMEs, business leaders, business owners and industry leaders are encouraged to attend the event for an interactive session promising to be a master class in ground breaking/trend setting new ways to turn your business into a relevant, innovative, game changer.

 About PROC

PR over Coffee Africa is an organization that serves members directly through monthly PR over Coffee meetings.

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but maintains satellite “Chapter” or “Group” locations in cities across the United States and the world.

Publics Africa Communications holds the exclusive rights to the PR over Coffee franchise across Africa.


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