Airtel Uganda introduces enhanced internet product.

TUGABANE allows an internet customer to subscribe to a data bundle on one mobile line and is able to add up to 4 other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle irrespective of where these mobile numbers are geographically located and what type of internet devices they are using.

Commenting about this new and enhanced innovation proposition, Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Mr. Prasoon Lal said, “Uganda is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile internet services. It is a country which is culturally rich and diverse with one commonality that cuts across which is the spirit of sharing moments of happiness, collective fun and socializing.”

“TUGABANE in the local language means Let us Share and Airtel Uganda is bridging the gap between the nation’s way of life of sharing and the need to stay connected online,” he added.

TUGABANE, the 1st of its kind innovation in the Ugandan Mobile Internet industry, is much more powerful than WIFI hotspots whose coverage is limited and will encourage Airtel Uganda customers to easily share data with their friends and family.

Furthermore, activation and deactivation of TUGABANE is free of charge.

Mr. Prasoon expressed confidence that the Uganda market will enjoy and embrace the new product, adding that the service is a permanent addition to the existing Airtel services and not a promotion.

To activate multi surf;

  • Dial *175*5#
  • Choose Sub Option 1: TUGABANE
  • Select Activate
  • Enter number

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