Coca-Cola Celebrates Valentine’s With Consumers.

On Valentine’s Day, teams of Coca-Cola personnel set up in different highly populated areas in order to celebrate the day of love with their supporters and fans. This was in fulfilment of the promise the company made to their consumers as part of the Share-A-Coke campaign to spread out all over the country and provide them with a unique opportunity to connect and share their personalized Coke with the people who matter most to them.

“Share a Coke gives our consumers that special and personal chance to share a personalized Coke with their loved ones in person, or virtually. This Valentine’s day, we will spread the optimism and happiness that our brand stands for at social events, malls, bars and restaurants as we bring people together,” said Coca-Cola Uganda Brand Manager, Brandon Ssemanda.

“We hope all Coca-Cola lovers will come to our activation points and decide the people in their lives whom they wish to share their favorite drink with, by getting the names of those people printed on the cans on-demand,” Ssemanda added.

The Share a Coke campaign, although targeted mainly at teenagers, has given all Coca-Cola consumers the opportunity to swap the iconic Coca-Cola logo with personal names of their friends, relatives and family. The products with the customized names are available in major retail outlets and in dukas or kiosks, hotels and restaurants all over the country.

The Valentine’s celebration came only a few weeks after Coca-Cola held a Back to School bash for their school- going consumers at Kati Kati grounds.


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