Isaiah Katumwa thrills at Kampala Jazz Central.

It is now more profound than ever before that Jazz Music has quickly established itself as one of the leading music genres in Uganda.

The laidback beats of the drums…subtle but articulate enough, neatly blending into the blares of the saxophone, strums of the guitar and fine-tuned vocals create an eternally soothing and unique sound that always attracts jazz lovers.

This was evident during the Tusker Malt Lager sponsored Jazz Central, Volume 3 at a packed Rwenzori Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel in Kampala on Friday as guests nodded along to the music.

The Jazz Central is Kampala’s Premium Jazz Night and this time featured a lineup of exceptional artists who included saxophone maestro, Isaiah Katumwa, the soulful Lilian Mbabazi, Charmat Mushaga, Pragmo, Michael Kitanda on alto saxophone, Sauti Ya Africa and Emmanuel Dragu.

The event couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as it happened on the heels of Valentine’s Day, giving couples the chance to wind down the weekend.

Sauti Ya Africa, a quartet of experienced singers were the first to kick start the show. They showed mastery and control of their vocals leaving the audience looking forward to an exciting evening.

To keep up the tempo, Michael Kitanda with Pragmo on the piano, were next on stage. With his famous saxophone, Kitanda showed why he has quickly become a force to reckon with in Uganda’s music industry. It was as jazzy it could get as a few couples got onto their feet, dancing to the sweet rhythms bellowing from Kitanda’s sax.

As Kitanda left the stage, Congolese-born Charmat came onto the stage, picking up from where Kitanda had left. He strummed his guitar nonchalantly. When he and his band played Sinamakosa, guests couldn’t hold it anymore as they literally jumped onto their feet.

A dinner break was next before Lilian Mbabazi joined up with Charmat to keep the audience entertained. She took the revelers on her musical journey, right from her days as a member of Blu*3 before concluding her energetic performance with her most recent songs.

The highlight of the night was Saxophone Maestro, Isaiah Katumwa’s session. He literally blew off the roof with beautiful melodies.  His songs, Sunrise and My joy crowned up the night as guests, satisfied from the performances exited the Rwenzori Ballroom.

The Jazz event, hosted by the entertaining Yvonne Tindimwebwa kicked off at 7pm, keeping the revelers entertained with non-stop blues, funk, smooth jazz, soul, afro-jazz till past 11.30pm.

Great music, delicious food, and a fresh clean Tusker Malt Lager were served to guests as they enjoyed the spirit of New Orleans.

Phoebe Nakabazzi, the Tusker Malt Lager Brand Manager explained that Jazz has become more of lifestyle and cherishes the same ideals as Tusker Malt Lager in the comfort of good music.

“Jazz is laidback, soothing and above all entertaining. As Tusker Malt, we share the same sentiments; we are premium but affordable as well as deeply satisfying. Music has the power to impact lives and shape the public’s opinion by informing and that is what Jazz is all about. We are proud to have partnered with a genre that has a rich knowledge base,” she explained.

She added that Tusker Malt Lager will continue supporting music in Uganda and that the brand hopes to make the jazz events bigger with quarterly performances aimed at promoting upcoming artists.

Tusker Malt Lager, has been at the forefront of promoting great African talent by showcasing new talent and undiscovered old gems to its consumers through various platforms.


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