Buruuli Rules CNOOC Bunyoro Amasaza Cup 2014.

The 2014 edition of the Bunyoro Amasaza Cup, sponsored by CNOOC Uganda, officially came to an end today with Buruuli beating Buyanja 4 – 3 in penalty shootouts.

The month-long tournament attracted five districts in the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom including Kiryandongo, Bulliisa, Hoima, Masindi and Kibaale.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at CNOOC Uganda Limited, Mr. Zack Lubega said CNOOC Uganda was honored to be part of the Amasaza Cup for the third year. “Since 2012, when we came to Hoima to start oil exploration activities in the region, the residents here have continued to be receptive, helpful and understanding whenever we approach them,” he said.

Emphasizing CNOOC’s dedication to various efforts, Lubega noted that the Company has supported the education and health sectors both in Hoima and the rest of the country.

“I would like to commend CNOOC Uganda for not only sponsoring sports in our region but also providing opportunities in form of education scholarships, vocational training opportunities and of course jobs at the oil field,” commented His Royal Majesty the King of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Dr. Solomon Gafabusa Iguru.

“All of this has been geared towards ensuring that there is tangible development in our area. For this, we are grateful,” he added.


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