1. What is the Social Media Summit Uganda 2014?

The Social Media Summit – Uganda 2014 is an industry-led Summit & Networking Event

that aims to put together a showcase of social media best practice in strategy,

execution and ideation from within Uganda and across the world. It will aim to

increase sharing and learning among peers but also across various sectors in Uganda



2. Who is invited to attend?

The summit has been designed to cater to and bring together an assortment of

professionals from various industries and sectors from government ministries and

entities, parastatals, NGOs and CSOs, corporate and multinational organizations, and

the SME sector and businesses.


3. Who will speak at The Summit?

The speaker selection among others includes:

1. Professor David Girling

2. Chris Bitti

3. Michael Niyitegeka

4. Natasha Basson

5. Philip Ogola

6. Deepmala Mhala

7. Kin Karissa

8. Alex Rukundo

9. Arinaitwe Rugyendo

10. Simon Kaheru

11. Boaz Shani

12. Sean Kacungira

13. Ruth Aine

14. Mugume Collins

Among others..


4. Why are you holding The Summit?

Society has become highly dependent on social media by altering information exchange

and dissemination; communication both corporate and personal; knowledge

management and sharing; but the biggest achievement has been to blur the lines

between people and brands, between how people work and how they play. The summit

will seek to teach, share and guide delegates on how they can maximize their social

engagements either as individuals or as brand and companies.


5. When is The Summit?

The summit is a planned annual event with the inaugural summit scheduled to take

place on the 26th November, 2014 at the Serena Hotel, Kampala.


6. What are some of the topic for discussion?

 Social Media in Uganda; A background and study of the trends

 Social media integration: Integrating Social media into your communication

and marketing strategies.

 Conversion and ROI: Measuring social media value and social media


 Social media for Resource Mobilization; Social media’s Role in Mobilization,

Fundraising & Awareness.

 Social Media And Service Delivery: The next frontier

 New Media Vs Traditional media: Is convergence a possibility?!


7. Who is organizing the summit?

The summit lead organizing unit is Intensity Technologies Limited. Guided by

emerging trends in social media uptake noticed from government, big business, the

SME sector, civil society, and the private sector showing social media taking center

stage in communication strategies, brand engagement and protection as well as

business expansion and growth, they have partnered with the best of the industry

leaders to provide to bring the Social Media Summit – Uganda 2014 to life; a best

practice sharing and learning forum.


8. How many people will The Summit host?

The summit will have two sections:

1. The Executive CEO Breakfast: A highly energized and bespoke assembly of tools and

presentations for captains of industry aimed at bringing incisive and razor sharp clarity

of the industry issues, how businesses can position themselves and discussions on the

forecasts on new growth and opportunities. This section will only host 30 participants.

2. The Delegates Summit: A series of customized sessions that will explain the issues in

the industry and how harness the power of social media for governance, business,

advocacy, education, dissemination, marketing and communications. All made within

the context of familiar territory with great speakers and an exciting and charged

atmosphere. There will also be case studies showing brands that are successfully

innovating, redefining and measuring their success in the social media space. This

section will only host 200 participants.


9. Why should people consider attending The Summit?

 Identify the trends transforming and driving social media

 Explore the ROI potential of true consumer and fan engagement

 Experience successful cross media brand integration

 Align your social media with overall business and growth goals

 Manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms

 Connect and network with social media agencies.


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