Today, the inaugural Social Media Summit Uganda 2014 was announced. The summit which aims to bring together over 250 delegates from the government, SME, corporate and NGO sectors for learning and sharing how to use social media for was announced by The Directorate of Information and National Guidance in the office of the Prime Minister. The Social Media Summit – Uganda [#SMUg14] is an industry-led Summit & Networking Event and is a planned annual event with the inaugural summit scheduled to take place on the 26th November, 2014 at the Serena Hotel, Kampala.
The Directorate of Information and National Guidance, Mr. Simon Mayende in their speech said the Government of Uganda was very interested in the possibilities of using social media for service delivery and leveling hierarchies. He said: “The summit is billed to be a showcase of best practice in strategy, execution and ideation from within Uganda and across the world. The highly customized sessions will focus on how brands and indeed government entities could use social media for marketing and engagement, social reputation, community building and advocacy, while highlighting cutting edge techniques and technologies, innovation strategies, best practice solutions and monitoring and measurement tools to achieve desirable results.”
Speaking on behalf of Intensity Technologies Limited, the summit organizers, Collins Mugume, who is also the Summit Director said “We are so excited to be bringing an organized side and facet to the social media discussion. The thing is that everyone is using it but very few people are able to measure it, and most companies and organizations are scared of it. We want to debunk myths, teach best practices and show how brands that are successfully innovating, redefining and measuring their success in the social media space are doing it.”
Talking about some of the topics to be discussed at the summit Mr. Mugume added “We are focusing on a value-heavy package for all attendees and even more especially for the executive CEO breakfast where the focus will be to deliver succinct, incisive and game changing insights. And this is shown in the topics we will tackling. Some of the things we will talk about will include; Conversion and Return On Investment, Digital Integration with current platforms, the confluence between new media and traditional media and how to make the best of both worlds, and social media and service delivery; answering the last mile question and many other topics.”


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