Airtel Rwanda spear heads Financial Inclusion.

Mobile money user allover Rwanda have partaken the new airtel offer where they get to freely carry out various transactions using airtel money. Since the unveiling of the new airtel campaign where airtel money users can get to send and receive money, pay for their utility bills such as electricity, buy mobile data, top up airtime and pay for construction permits to city of Kigali, there has been an increase in the number of airtel money transactions. Aimed at driving financial inclusion, accessibility and affordability the campaign will see people transact on a zero hustle basis.

Speaking to Patrick one of the airtel money agents in Kigali, he said; “Ever since the new campaign was launched, we have had an increase in transactions as people have opted to pay for their utility bills through this means. We even load airtime on their behalf using airtel money.”

Another airtel money agent in Nyarutarama said; it had become easier to transact with airtel money because they no longer had to explain the various different charges for sending or receiving different amounts of money.

As airtel continues to offer exciting offers, this means there is more inclusion for people to carry out transactions safely and swiftly. The beauty with airtel money is that one can also use it as a way of saving their money on their airtel money accounts rather than putting the money under a pillow or mattress. According to airtel, the campaign will go on until the end of the year and it will see more Rwandans embrace mobile money transactions and accessibility. Furthermore, the airtel money customers have been encouraged to use ATM card-less withdrawal. It is possible for them to withdraw money from all I&M bank ATMs in the country.


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